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Our Story

Family-owned and family-operated, Golden String Inc. is located in the Los Angeles Jewelry District.

Founded in 1987. With an emphasis on custom jewelry, friendly service, and competitive prices, it quickly developed a loyal base of satisfied customers.

As the years progressed, our store grew with a knowledgeable sales staff, Graduate Gemologists, and seasoned designers specializing in the production of high-quality diamond rings.

With a shift in emphasis to bridal and anniversary jewelry, we reinvented ourselves as Golden String. Along with the new name, we have a brand new collection of bridal rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and imported fashion jewelry.

Today, we continue to serve couples with the same level of service that has made us so successful. Many people ask us, "Just what is Golden String?" It's what makes your ring memorable. And our duty is to make your ring-buying experience as pleasant and fun as possible. So on that note, we invite you to our online store, enjoy the selection and discover the Golden String!

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